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Thursday, August 11

Morning — Plenary Session I

8:00 am Registration and breakfast Tent outside B50 Auditorium
9:00 am Welcome - User Executive Committee B50 Auditorium
9:05 am Molecular Foundry Update
Jeffrey Neaton
Director of the Molecular Foundry, Berkeley Lab; Professor of Physics UC Berkeley
B50 Auditorium
9:30 am Keynote Address
Evolving Click Chemistry → SuFEx [abstract]
K. Barry Sharpless
W. M. Keck Professor of Chemistry, The Scripps Research Institute
B50 Auditorium
10:10 am Nanoparticle-Polymer Conjugates for Near-Infrared Biomolecular Detection [abstract]
Markita Landry, UC Berkeley
B50 Auditorium
10:30 am Refreshment Break Tent
11:00 am New capabilities at the Foundry B50 Auditorium
11:40 am Core-Shell Micro-Tube Array for Closing the Artificial Photosynthesis Cycle on a Nanometer Scale[abstract]
Eran Edri, Berkeley Lab
B50 Auditorium
12:00 pm Fabricating and Actuating DNA Origami Mechanisms [abstract]
Alexander Marras, The Ohio State University
B50 Auditorium
12:20 pm Staff Awards
Users' Executive Committee
B50 Auditorium
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Town Hall Meeting (users only) B70a, R3377

Afternoon — Plenary Session II

2:00 pm Keynote Address
New Insights into Oxygen Electrochemical Reactions on (La,Sr)MnO3 [abstract]
Sossina M. Haile
Walter P. Murphy Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Professor of Applied Physics; Northwestern University
B50 Auditorium
2:40 pm Study of Plasmonic Behavior of Nanoantennas via Transmission Electron Microscopy [abstract]
Braulio Archanjo, National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Brazil)
B50 Auditorium
3:00 pm New Half-Metallic Ferromagnets Induced by a Quantum Critical Point from First Principles [abstract]
Sinead Griffin, Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley
B50 Auditorium
3:20 pm Probing Atomic and Electronic Structure Effects of Halide Composition in Perovskite Photovoltaics [abstract]
Walter Drisdell, Berkeley Lab
B50 Auditorium
3:40 pm The Joint Genome Institute & Emerging Single-Cell Genomic Technologies
Devin Doud, Berkeley Lab
B50 Auditorium
4:00 pm Poster Session & Exhibitor Fair
Refreshments served
Building 54 Patio/Cafeteria
6:30 pm End of poster session.

Friday, August 12

Morning — Symposia

8:00 am Late registration/breakfast B50 Auditorium & Tent
9:00 am Morning Symposia (locations and individual agendas on Symposia page) various
10:30 am Break
11:00 am Morning Symposia continue (locations and individual agendas on Symposia page) various
12:30 pm Lunch Tent

Afternoon — Symposia

1:30 pm Afternoon Symposia (locations and individual agendas on Symposia page) various
3:00 pm Break
3:30 pm Afternoon Symposia continue (locations and individual agendas on Symposia page) various
5:00 pm Meeting adjourned