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Abstract submission is now closed. The poster abstract submission deadline was August 7.

The poster session will be held on Thursday, August 11, from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

Maximum dimensions for posters are 4 ft x 4 ft. Presenters may drop off their poster at the registration desk in the morning, to be hung by staff prior to the poster session.

List of Poster Presentations

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Organized by facility of the Molecular Foundry with which the work is most closely associated. Poster abstract list last updated August 1. Final list will be available August 9.

Biological Nanostructures Facility

Generation of inorganic-organic hybrid nanomaterials using bacterial S-layer protein arrays

Francesca Manea, LBNL

Biohybrid Structures Electron Conduits for Improved Microbial Electrochemical Systems

Jose Cornejo, LBNL
Co-authors: Heinz Frei, Caroline Ajo-Franklin

pH-mediated Hybridization of Complementary Dynamic Covalent Oligomers

Megan Dunn, University of Michigan  
Co-authors: Tao Wei, Timothy F. Scott

Glycosylated peptoid nanosheets as a multivalent scaffold for protein recognition

Alessia Battigelli, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Molecular Foundry

Engineering core/shell structured NaErF4:Yb upconvertion nanocrystals for brighter single-imaging probes

Bining Tian, Molecular Foundry
Co-authors: Angel F. Bravo, Cheryl Tajon, Emory M. Chan, P. James Shuck, Bruce E. Cohen

Nondestructive Surface Modification of CdSe/CdS Quantum Dots by Copper(I)-Catalyzed Azide-Alkyne Cycloaddition

Victor Mann, Molecular Foundry
Co-authors: Alexander Powers, Bruce Cohen

Nanodiscs Stabilize Anabaena Sensory Rhodopsin for Transcriptional Regulation Studies

Jenny Cappuccio, Humboldt State University
Co-authors: Joshua M. Massey, Alexis D. Aguiar, Edward I. Sandoval

Probing ion channel activation with tarantula toxins conjugated to environment-sensitive fluorophores

Sebastian Fletcher-Taylor, University of California, Davis
Co-authors: Mark Lillya, Parashar Thapa, Joyce Huang, Rayan Kaakati, Michael Kirmiz , Kenneth S. Eum, Bruce E. Cohen, Jon T. Sack

Fabricating Novel Optical Sensors by Embedding Gold Nanoparticles Inside Peptoid Nanosheets

Kathleen Chen, Wellesley College

Investigating peptoid nanosheet porosity using droplet interface bilayers

David Hastman, Department of Homeland Security / LBNL

Peptoid nanosheet adhesion to intact Escherichia coli cells

Lisa Yun, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories
Co-authors: Ronald N. Zuckermann

Imaging and Manipulation of Nanostructures Facility

Room temperature skyrmion ground state stabilized through interlayer exchange coupling        

Arantzazu Mascaraque, Universidad Complutense de Madrid              
Co-authors:Gong Chen, Alpha T. N’Diaye, Andreas K. Schmid

Nanoscale Chemical Imaging with Photo-induced Force Microscopy

Robert Kertayasa, Molecular Vista
Co-authors: Sung Park, Ph.D., Tom Albrecht, Ph.D.

Electron Diffractometry of Superstructures in Low-Dimensional Materials

Brian Shevitski, Molecular Foundry 

Remodeling of RecG Helicase by SSB Protein: Direct Observation of Sliding after Remodeling

Mohtadin Hashemi, University of Nebraska Medical Center
Co-authors:Zhiqiang Sun, Hui Yin Tan, Piero Bianco, Yuri L. Lyubchenko

Intercalation-Induced Modulation of Electronic Structure in Layered Vanadium Oxide Bronzes

Luis De Jesus, Texas A&M University
Co-authors: Gregory A. Horrocks, Abhishek Parija, Justin L. Andrews, Yufeng Liang, David Prendergast, and Sarbajit Banerjee

Investigating dynamical nanoscale processes using cathodoluminescence microscopy

Rebecca Wai, UC Berkeley
Co-authors: Connor Bischak, Clarice Aiello, Craig Hetherington, Zhe Wang, Shaul Aloni, Frank Ogletree, Naomi Ginsberg

Resonant Soft X-Ray Scattering: A Versatile Technique for Spatio-Chemical Characterization of Electrochemical Materials

Isvar Cordova, LBNL - Advanced Light Source
Co-authors: Gregory Su, Michael Brady, Cheng Wang, David Kilcoyne

Nanoscale photocurrent imaging of monoclinic BiVO4 films via atomic force microscopy

Johanna Eichhorn, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Co-authors: Jason K. Cooper, Lucas H. Hess, Dominik Ziegler, David M. Larson, Mary K. Gilles, Ian D. Sharp, Francesca M. Toma

AFM-based infrared spectroscopy - nanoscale chemical analysis with monolayer sensitivity

Eoghan Dillon, Anasys Instruments

Blue, green, red and near-infrared lasing action from lanthanide doped upconversion nanocrystals in microcavities

Angel F. Bravo, Molecular Foundry
Co-authors: Emory M. Chan, Cheryl Tajon, Bining Tian, Bruce E. Cohen and P. James Schuck

Energy transfer from quantum dots to 2D materials

Archana Raja, Stanford University and Columbia University
Co-authors: Andrés Montoya-Castillo, Johanna Zultak, Xiao-Xiao Zhang, Ziliang Ye, Cyrielle Roquelet, Daniel A. Chenet, Arend M. van der Zande, Pinshane Huang, Steffen Jockusch, James Hone, David R. Reichman, Louis E. Brus, Tony F. Heinz

Crystalline Dielectric Materials for High Energy Density Capacitors

Shilpa Worlikar, Capacitor Sciences, Inc.
Co-authors: Paul Furuta, Pavel Lazarev, Yan Li, Hoang Ly, Ian Kelly-Morgan, Daniel Membreno, Matthew Robinson, Barry Sharp

Nanoscale Optical, Thermal and Elemental Analysis at the Foundry

Frank Ogletree, Molecular Foundry
Co-authors: Shaul Aloni, Ed Barnard

Orientation manipulator for Projective image via Dynamic DNA Origami Structure

Chao-Min Huang, The Ohio State University
Co-authors: Hai-Jun Su, Carlos E. Castro

Design of Metal Oxide Photonic Crystals and Plasmonic Nanoparticles for CO2 Reduction

Laura Loebbert, JCAP
Co-authors: E. Ashley Gaulding, Austin G. Li, Erin Creel, Ian D. Sharp, Francesca M. Toma

A Nanodiamond is Forever: Redefining the Boundaries of Optical Imaging and Diagnostics            

Roger York, Bikanta
Co-authors: Ambika Bumb

Inorganic Nanostructures Facility

HERMAN: High-throughput Experimentation Robot for Multiplexed Automation of Nanosynthesis

Thomas Bischof, LBNL
Co-authors:Emory Chan

Far-field optical nanothermometry using individual sub-50 nm upconverting nanoparticles

Andrea Pickel, UC Berkeley
Co-authors: Jacob D. Kilbane, Emory M. Chan, Christian Monachon, Nicholas J. Borys, Elizabeth S. Levy, Jeffrey J. Urban, P. James Schuck, and Chris Dames

Li2S Nano Spheres Anchored to Single-layered Graphene as a High-performance Cathode Material for Lithium/sulfur Cells

Dan Sun, LBNL 

High-Throughput Synthesis of Lanthanide-Doped NaYF4 Upconverting Nanoparticles

Deepak Subramanian, The University of Texas at Austin
Co-authors: Thomas Bischof, Emory Chan

A Nano-flake Model for Medium-range Structure in Vitreous Silica   

Shangcong Cheng, Corning retiree 

The Indentation Cracking Behaviors and Nano-phase Structures of Glasses

Shangcong Cheng, Corning retiree
Co-authors: Chengyu Song, Peter Ercius, Cristian Cionea, Peter Hosemann

Carrier Scattering at Alloy Nanointerfaces Enhances Power Factors in PEDOT:PSS Hybrid Thermoelectrics

Edmond Zaia, LBNL (Molecular Foundry)/ UC Berkeley
Co-authors: Ayaskanta Sahu, Preston Zhou, Madeleine P Gordon, Jason Forster, Shaul Aloni, Yi-Sheng Liu, Jinghua Guo, Jeffrey Urban

Magnetic NanoBeads: a versatile platform for cell sorting, controlled drug delivery, imaging and magnetic hyperthermia

Maria Elena Materia, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia/Molecular Foundry
Co-authors: Teresa Pellegrino

High throughput synthesis and characterization of Prussian Blue analogues

Kevin Hurlbutt, Cuberg, Inc.
Co-authors: Richard Wang, Mauro Pasta, Emory Chan

Toward picosecond time-resolved X-ray absorption studies of interfacial photochemistry

Das Pemmaraju, LBNL
Co-authors: Stefan Neppl, Johannes Mahl, David Prendergast, Oliver Gessner

A Self-Assembled Bulk Hybrid 2D Semiconductor      

Tess Smidt, Molecular Foundry              
Co-authors: Mary S. Collins, Behzad Rad, Paul D. Ashby, Jeffrey B. Neaton, J. Nathan Hohman    

Soft PEDOT:PSS Aerogel Architectures for Thermoelectric Applications

Madeline Gordon, Molecular Foundry
Co-authors: Edmond W. Zaia, Preston Zhou, Boris Russ, Nelson E. Coates, Ayaskanta Sahu, Jeffrey J. Urban

Nanofabrication Facility

Imaging and Characterization of Chemically and Electrochemically Etched Porous Si and Si Nanowires for Thermoelectric Energy Conversion

Yong Gan, Cal Poly Pomona 

The Application of Black Silicon for Nanostructure-Initiator Mass Spectrometry

Jian Gao, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Co-authors: Markus de Raad, Benjamin P. Bowen, Ronald N. Zuckermann, Trent R. Northen

Electronic Transport Through Amorphous ALD TiO2

Paul Nunez, California Institute of Technology
Co-authors: Shu Hu, Christopher Roske, Matthias Richter, Nathan Lewis

Optoelectronic properties of cesium lead halide perovskite nanocrystals organized in ordered nanoscale assemblies

Erika Penzo, Molecular Foundry

Characterization of Imaging Systems at Nanoscale using Modulation Transfer Function

Keiko Munechika, aBeam Technologies

Simple Fabrication and Optical Characterization of a WS2 Based Photonic Crystal

Jacopo Pedrini, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca
Co-authors: Christopher Chen, Giuseppe Calafiore, Christoph Kastl, Shaul Aloni, Stefano Cabrini, Adam M. Schwartzberg

Nanoimprinted photonics on a fiber

Alexander Koshelev, aBeam Technologies

THz-Field Enhancement on Nano-Slit Arrays for Nonlinear Studies of Dynamics in Complex Materials

Zhiren Zheng, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Co-authors: T. Rittmann, S. Dhuey, A. Liehl, J.H. Buss, M. Amani, S. Cabrini, R. A, Kaindl

Design of Photonic and Plasmonic Materials for Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction

E. Ashley Gaulding, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (JCAP)
Co-authors: Laura Lobbert, Austin Li, Christopher Chen, Jacopo Pedrini, Adam Schwartzberg, Ian Sharp, Francesca Toma

Accessing control of crystal growth and morphology of halide perovskite materials

Nicola Cefarin, JCAP
Co-authors: Alessandro Cian, Agnese Sonato, Alessandro Pozzato, Zekarias Teklu, Ian D. Sharp, Francesca M. Toma, Massimo Tormen

High density, multifunctional neural probes for massively parallel read-out and control

Melanie West, Molecular Foundry

National Center for Electronic Microscopy Facility

Capturing the Genuine Structure of Materials and Their Time Evolution by Low Dose-Rate In-Line Holography

Christian Kisielowski, Molecular Foundry 

Special TEM specimen preparation and application to lithium rechargeable battery

Xiangyun Song, ESDR Energy Storage & Distributed R Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Co-authors: Changan Yang, Huali Wang, Yanbao Fu, Chengyu Song, Xiaobo Chen*, Gao Liu, Vince Battaglia

TEM and EELS investigation of the nanostructure and composition in SEI layer

Xiangyun Song, ESDR Energy Storage & Distributed R Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Co-authors: Weifeng Mao, Yanbao Fu, Chengyu Song, Philip Ross, Vince Battaglia

Measuring temperature using the thermal diffuse scattering in transmission electron microscope diffraction patterns

Geoff Wehmeyer, UC Berkeley
Co-authors: Karen Bustillo, Andrew M. Minor, Christopher Dames

Probing the Surface Structures of Polyol-synthesized High-voltage Cathode Materials

Hyeseung Chung, University of California, San Diego

Speciation of Air Particulate Matter for Improved Health Outcomes

Valerie Leppert, UC Merced
Co-authors: Kennedy Nguyen

Electron-beam-assisted variation of deformation behavior in small-sized metallic glass particles

So Yeon Kim, Research Institute of Advanced Materials, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Seoul National University
Co-authors: Jinwoo Kim, Koji Nakayama, Andrew M. Minor, Eun Soo Park

Organic and Macromolecular Synthesis Facility

Femto Satellite Propulsion by nano printed gold four leaf bowties and directed electron discharge

Peter Ateshian and Andy Filo, Naval Postgraduate School

Tetraoxydiboron Reagents Mediate Catalytic H Atom Transfer From Water in Alkene and Alkyne Hydrogenation Reactions

Steven Cummings, University of California, Merced
Co-authors: Thanh-Ngoc Le, Lorenzo G. Quiambao, Benjamin J. Stokes

Ligand-Mediated Synthesis of Colloidal Cesium Lead Bromide Perovskite Nanocrystals

Aizhao Pan and Yi Liu, Molecular Foundry, Organic Facility
Co-authors: Bo He, Xiaoyun Fan, Zeke Liu, Jeff Urban, Paul A. Alivisatos, Ling He, Yi Liu

Mesoporous PbI2 Scaffold for High-Performance Planar Heterojunction Perovskite Solar Cells

Qin Hu, Peking University and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Co-authors: Tanghao Liu, Qin Hu, Ke Chen, Feng Liu, Jiang Wu, Cheng Wang, Hong Lu, Shuang Jia, Thomas Russell, Rui Zhu, Qihuang Gong

Deep absorbing porphyrin molecules and their applications in organic solar cells

Ke Gao, South China University of Technology

Theory of Nanostructured Materials Facility

High throughput search of field-induced topological ferroelectrics in ABX3 (X=Cl,Br,I)

Sebastian Reyes-Lillo, Molecular Foundry, LBNL
Co-authors: Aris Ioannou, Jeffrey B. Neaton

Accurate Level Alignment in Molecule-Metal Interfaces with Optimally-Tuned Range-Separated Hybrid Functionals

Zhenfei Liu, LBNL
Co-authors: David A. Egger, Sivan Refaely-Abramson, Leeor Kronik, Jeffrey B. Neaton

First-principles study on the role of N,N’-dimethylethylenediamine (mmen) molecule in mmen-M2(dobpdc) metal organic frameworks

Jung-Hoon Lee, UC Berkeley
Co-authors: Jeffrey B. Neaton

Modeling the interaction of EUV radiation with photoresist materials from first principles

Kristina Closser, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Co-authors: David Prendergast, Musa Ahmed, Paul D. Ashby, Suchit Bhattarai, Oleg Kostko, Yi Liu, D. Frank Ogletree, Deirdre L. Olynick, Daniel Slaughter, Bo Xu, Patrick Naulleau

Phonon dispersion of solid naphthalene using van der Waals-corrected density functional theory

Florian Brown-Altvater, UC Berkeley/Molecular Foundry
Co-authors: Tonatiuh Rangel, Jeffrey B. Neaton

Exploring the Electronic Structure of Aluminum: X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopic Investigations of Aluminum Coordination Complexes and Materials

Alison Altman, UC Berkeley
Co-authors: John Arnold, Alexandra Brown, Stefan G. Minasian, C. Das Pemmaraju, David Prendergast, David K. Shuh, Tolek Tyliszczak

Many-body perturbation theory: a predictive simulation approach for energy related applications

Tonatiuh Rangel-Gordillo, The Molecular Foundry 

First-principles study of charge-order-induced ferroelectricity in LaVO3/SrVO3 superlattices

Se Young Park, Rutgers University
Co-authors: Anil Kumar, Karin M. Rabe

vdW-DF hybrids as an approach for accurate, general-purpose density functionals

Yang Jiao Chalmers, University of Technology
Co-authors: Kristian Berland, Tonatiuh Rangel, Elsebeth Schroder, Per Hyldgaard

Combining Theory and Experiment to Explore the Structure of Semiconducting Polymers with Soft X-rays

Gregory Su, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Energy level alignment of self-assembled linear chains of benzenediamine on Au(111) from first principles

Guo Li Lawrence, Berkeley National Lab
Co-authors: Tonatiuh Rangel, Zhen-Fei Liu, Valentino R. Cooper, Jeffrey B. Neaton

X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy study of processing effects on Graphene: Experiment and Theory

Wudmir Rojas, School of Electrical Engineering, Bangor University Bangor
Co-authors: A. D. Winter, S. Kim, A. D. Williams, C. Weiland, E. Principe, D. A. Fischer, D. Prendergast, J. Grote, and E. M. Campo

Ab initio design of low work function complex oxides for thermionic energy conversion

Stephanie Mack, UC Berkeley
Co-authors: Guo Li, Jeffrey B. Neaton

Engineering high-valence metal sites for water oxidation

Xueli Zheng, University of Toronto

X-ray Spectroscopy of the Aqueous Carbonate System

Royce Lam, UC Berkeley / LBNL
Co-authors: Alice England, Jacob Smith, Orion Shih, Anthony Rizzuto, David Prendergast

Fluidic Platforms with SWNT Channels for Membrane Applications and Fundamental Studies of Ionic Transport

Steven Buchsbaum, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Co-authors: Ngoc Bui, Eric Meshot, Shirui Guo, Owen Chiatai Chen, Sangil Kim, José Peña, Zuzanna Siwy, Kuang Jen Wu, Francesco Fornasiero