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This page provides an overview meeting agenda as well as speaker details for the plenary session. Detailed agenda for the symposia can be seen on the symposium page.

Day 1 - Wednesday, August 15

Morning — Plenary Session I

8:00 am Breakfast Tent outside B50 Auditorium
8:45 am Opening Remarks B50 Auditorium
8:50 am Molecular Foundry Update
Jeffrey Neaton
Director of the Molecular Foundry and Associate Laboratory Director for Energy Sciences, Berkeley Lab; Professor of Physics UC Berkeley
B50 Auditorium
9:30 am Keynote Address
Abandoning Perfection for Quantum Technologies [abstract]
David Awschalom
University of Chicago, Liew Family Professor in Molecular Engineering
B50 Auditorium
10:15 am Break Tent
10:45 am Nanostructures for the terawatt solar age: New concepts for generation of electricity and fuels from sunlight [abstract]
Harry Atwater, California Institute of Technology
B50 Auditorium
11:05 am World-challenging Problems in Next Generation Electronics: A Start-up's Perspective [abstract]
Supriya Jaiswal, Astrileux Corporation
B50 Auditorium
11:25 am Giant Quantum Dots from the Inside Out [abstract]
Jennifer Hollingsworth, Los Alamos National Laboratory
B50 Auditorium
11:45 pm User/Staff Panel Discussion and Townhall B50 Auditorium
12:30 pm Lunch Tent

Afternoon — Plenary Session II

1:30 pm Keynote Address
Synthetic Glycopolymers Reveal New Targets for Cancer Immune Therapy [abstract]
Carolyn Bertozzi
Stanford University, Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Chemistry
B50 Auditorium
2:15 pm Defining Conduction Pathways in Cathode Materials: Resolving Logjams Through Atomistic Design and Mesoscale Texturation [abstract]
Sarbajit Banerjee, Texas A&M University
B50 Auditorium
2:35 pm The Electronic Structure of WS2 Flakes [abstract]
Roland Koch, Berkeley Lab
B50 Auditorium
2:55 pm Networks of Helical, Braided Quantum Wells [abstract]
Alexandra Courtis, UC Berkeley
B50 Auditorium
3:15 pm Coffee Break
3:45 pm New People and Tools at the Molecular Foundry
Jian Zhang, Functional Nanoporous Materials: Synthesis and Catalytic Applications
Liang Tan, Theory of Nanoscale Structure and Resulting Electronic-Optical-Vibrational Behavior
Sinead Griffin, Theory and Design of Functional Quantum Materials
Karen Bustillo, In-situ TEM
Alex Muller, Focused Ion Beam for TEM Sample Prep
B50 Auditorium
4:25 pm Poster Slam B50 Auditorium
4:55 pm Walk to poster session; set up posters
5:00 pm Poster Session & Reception
Refreshments served
Building 54 Patio/Cafeteria
7:00 pm End of poster session.

Day 2 - Thursday, August 16

Morning — Symposia

8:00 am Registration Pickup and Coffee Tent outside B50 Auditorium
9:00 am Morning Symposia (Agendas on Symposia page)
  • Quantum Information Science at the Nanoscale (B59, R3101)
  • Rational Design of Photo-Electrochemical Energy Materials (B59, R4102)
  • Multimodal In Situ Characterization of Hard/Soft Materials Across Interfaces and Multiple Scales, Part I (B50 Auditorium)
  • Semisoft Matter: Preparations and Possibilities in Hybrid Nanomaterials (B70a, R3377)
10:30 am Refreshment Break
11:00 am Morning Symposia continue (Details on Symposia page) various
12:30 pm Lunch Tent

Afternoon — Symposia

2:00 pm Afternoon Symposia (Details on Symposia page)
  • Ultrafast and Ultrasmall: From Spatio-Temporal Dynamics to Emergent Phenomena (B59, R3101)
  • Perovskite-Based Optoelectronic Materials (B59, R4102)
  • Multimodal In Situ Characterization of Hard/Soft Materials Across Interfaces and Multiple Scales, Part II (B50 Auditorium)
  • Industry Research at the Foundry (B70a, R3377)
3:30 pm Refreshment Break
4:00 pm Afternoon Symposia continue (Detials on Symposia page) various
5:30 pm Meeting adjourned