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The poster session will be held on Wednesday, August 15, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Submit a poster abstract here. The poster abstract submission deadline is August 1.

Poster Session Logistics

If you are presenting a poster you may drop it off on the morning of August 15, before the plenary session starts, at the poster station in the refreshment area (tent outside Building 50). Posters dropped off in the morning will be transported to the poster session and placed next to the appropriate poster board. You will then need to hang up your poster yourself at the beginning of the poster session. The maximum poster size allowed is 4 ft x 4 ft. Pushpins will be provided. When you submit your abstract you will be asked to identify the Molecular Foundry facility most relevant to your topic. Posters will be grouped by subject area to facilitate viewing and judging.

Poster Competition

The poster competition is organized and judged by the User Executive Committee.

Eligibility: Students and postdocs are eligible to participate in the poster competition, as well as industry researchers who hold equivalent, non-PI positions. To be included in the competition, participants must opt in when they submit their poster abstract.

Poster slam: All students participating in the poster competition are also required to present their work at the poster slam during the plenary session. See the event agenda for the scheduled time. Each slam participant will present a preview of their poster in 60 seconds and using only one slide. The presentation given during the slam will be factored into judging of each participant's poster. Slam participants will receive an email with more information about the slam and will be asked to provide their slide one week prior to the event.

Judging: The User Executive Committee will judge the poster competition during the poster session. Participants should prepare a one-minute overview of their poster to deliver to the judges, similar to the slam presentations.

Awards: Two winners will be selected, one student and one postdoc (or equivalent). Winners will be announced and prizes awarded during lunch on the second day of the meeting, August 16. Winners will receive a certificate and prize.

List of Poster Presentations

Organic and Macromolecular Synthesis

1. Heterogeneous Porous Nitrogen Covalent Organic Framework: A Two-Hole System

Veronica Spaulding, University of Wyoming

2. Solution Processable, Low-Cost Black Phosphorus for Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells with Improved Fill Factor and Device Efficiency

Yun Zhao, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Cornell University

Co-authors: Teresa Chen, Liangang Xiao, Yi Liu, Liana Klivansky, Virginia Altoe, Matthew Kolaczkowski,

3. para-Azaquinodimethanes: Quinoidal Building Blocks for Organic Materials Applications

Christopher Anderson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

4. Facile Transformation of Imine Covalent Organic Frameworks into Ultrastable Crystalline Porous Aromatic Frameworks

Xinle Li, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Cornell University

Co-authors: Changlin Zhang, Songliang Cai, Yi Liu, Jim Ciston, Emory Chan, Jeffrey Urban,

5. Multiple Roles of a Non-Fullerene Acceptor Contribute Synergistically for High Efficiency Ternary Organic Photovoltaics

Liangang Xiao, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Cornell University

Co-authors: Bo He, Qin Hu, Yi Liu, Yun Zhao, Xiaobin Peng, Lorenzo Maserati,

6. Transition Metal Blocking Microporous Polymer Separators for Energy-Dense and Long-Lived Li-ion Batteries

Thomas Chan, Sepion Technologies Inc.

Co-authors: Jon-Michael Alessandro, Max Lyons Lyons, Peter Frischmann, Thomas Chan, Brett Helms, Kira Gardner,

7. Bay-Annulated Indigo Materials

Matthew Kolaczkowski, University of California Berkeley

8. A Highly Efficient Non-Fullerene Organic Solar Cell with a Fill Factor over 0.80 Enabled by Fine Tuned Hole Transporting Layer

Aldiyar Hu, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Cornell University

Co-authors: Zhong Zheng, Feng Liu, Huirong Zhou, Jianhui Hou, Thomas Russell,

Biological Nanostructures

9. A Simple Method to Control Peptoid Conformation in Aqueous Solution as Revealed by NMR Spectroscopy

Leah Roe, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Cornell University

Co-authors: Leah Roe, Ronald Zuckermann, Blakely Tresca,

10. Evidence that the Human Innate Immune Peptide LL-37 may be a Binding Partner of Amyloid-? and Inhibitor of Fibril Assembly

Annelise Barron, Stanford University

Co-authors: Jennifer S. Lin, Marcella Chiari, Renzo Vanna, Ersilia de Lorenzi, Carlo Morasso, Laura Sola,

11. In Vitro and In Vivo Testing of Ampetoids: Mimics of Antimicrobial Peptides

Jennifer Lin, Stanford University

12. Intracellular Delivery of miR-29b/Gold Nanoparticles for Synergistically Inducing Osteogenic Differentiation of Stem Cells

Ting Pan, Shenzhen Institues of Advanced Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences

Co-authors: Yingjun Wang, Wenjing Song,

13. Hierarchical optoelectronic materials from 2D self-assembling protein arrays

Francesca Manea, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Cornell University

Co-authors: Victor Mann, Caroline M. Ajo-Franklin, Bruce E. Cohen, Nick Borys,

14. Challenges of actinium coordination chemistry for nuclear medicine

Leticia Arnedo-Sanchez, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Cornell University

15. Metal-Coordinating Peptoids as Rationally-Designed Foldamers with Predominantly a Single Conformer

Andy Nguyen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Andrew Wijaya, Ronald Zuckermann, Ryan Spencer,

16. Biological Process Development at the Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts Process Development Unit

Ethan Oksen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Deepti Tanjore,

17. Hierarchical Assembly of Robust 3D Nanostructures from 2D S-Layer Protein Nanosheets

Virginia Garda, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Cornell University

18. Skeletoids: Macroscopic self assembly models of cis-structured peptoids

Bryanna Benicia, University of California Berkeley

19. Azide Alkyne Click Conjugation on Quantum Dots by Selective Copper Coordination

Victor Mann, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Alexander Powers, Bruce Cohen, Jon Sack, Drew Tilley,

20. Binding of bacterial to sugar-coated peptoid nanosheets as a new approach to pathogen neutralization

Jacqueline Dang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Ron Zuckermann, Behzad Rad, Elissa Grzincic, Lisa Yun

21. Living Nanoscaffolds for Hierarchical Assembly of Hard-Soft Composites

Caroline Ajo-Franklin, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Marimikel Charrier, Dong Li, Victor Mann, Lisa Yunn, Sneba Jani, Behzad Rad, Kethleen R. Ryan, Bruce Cohen, Paul D. Ashby, Caroline M. Ajo-Franklin

Inorganic Nanostructures

22. Synthesis and Characterization of Selenium-Doped Molybdenum/Tungsten Sulfide Catalysts for Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Reduction

Winnie Liang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Peter Agbo,

23. Combining High-throughput Experiments and Simulations Towards the Ideal Seeded Growth Reactions of Quantum Dots for Solid State Lighting

Haoran Yang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Leslie Hamachi, Emory Chan, Jonathan S. Owen, Iva Rreza,

24. Fast Neutron Irradiation Effects on GaN Photoluminescence

Ke-Xun Sun, University of Nevada Las Vegas

Co-authors: Shaul Aloni, Ron Nelson,

25. Enhancement of whispering gallery modes in Tm3+-doped microsphere lasers

Yawei Liu, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Emory Chan, Ayelet Teitelboim,

26. On the Corrosion of Late- and Post-transition Metals into Metal Organic Chalcogenolate Assemblies

Matthew Yeung, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Cornell University

Co-authors: Derek Popple, J. Nathan Hohman, Tevye Kuykendall, Elyse Schriber,

27. Ultra-permeable polyimide/MOFs hybrid membranes for energy efficient gas separations

Canghai Ma, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Cornell University

Co-authors: Jeffrey Urban,

28. Multicolor upconverting lasers using lanthanide-doped nanocrystals in whispering gallery mode microcavity resonators

Ayelet Teitelboim, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Angel F. Bravo, Emory Chan, Bining Tian,

29. Assessing wide bandgap semiconductors for high power optical and power electronics using lifetime optical damage tests

Selim Elhadj, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) - Materials Engineering Division

Co-authors: Jae-Hyuck Yoo, Hongping Zhao, Andrew Lange, Subrina Rafique,

30. High-Throughput, Machine Learning-Assisted Discovery of Hybrid Perovskite Single Crystals

Zhi Li, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Cornell University

Co-authors: Ian Pendleton, Mansoor Ani Najeeb, Emory Chan, Alex Norquist, Joshua Schrier, Gary Cattabriga,

31. Generating Extended Target Skyrmions in DMI Multilayers via Structural Imprinting

Noah Kent, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

32. Wear of Diamond in Scribing of Multi-crystalline Silicon

Arkadeep Kumar, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Theory of Nanostructured Materials

33. Phases under magnetic field and domain wall physics in pyrochlore iridates

Ru Chen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Jeffrey Neaton, Ashvin Vishwanath,

34. Electron-phonon coupling in crystalline naphthalene from first principles

Florian Brown-Altvater, University of California Berkeley

Co-authors: Gabriel Antonius, Tonatiuh Rangel, Jeffrey B. Neaton, Xavier Gonze, Steven G. Louie, Giantomassi Matteo,

35. A first-principles investigation of TMD valley splitting with magnetic adatoms

Elizabeth Peterson, University of California Berkeley

Co-authors: Jeffrey Neaton,

36. Origin of Pressure-Induced Phase Transition and Metallization in Halide Perovskites

Jung-Hoon Lee, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Jung-Hoon Lee, Jeffrey B. Neaton, Hemamala I. Karunadasa, Adam Jaffe,

37. High-throughput workflow for discovery of new multiferroics

Stephanie Mack, University of California Berkeley

Co-authors: Sinead Griffin, Jeffrey Neaton, Tess Smidt,

38. A New Simulation Package for Interpreting X-Ray Absorption Spectrum and Preliminary Results on RIXS

Yufeng Liang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Cornell University

39. Advanced Continuum Models for Modeling of Biased Electrochemical Interfaces

Artem Baskin, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: David Prendergast,

40. the Limit of Supercooling and Superheating of Pinned Ice Surfaces

Yuqing Qiu, University of Utah

Co-authors: Valeria Molinero, Pavithra M. Naullage,

41. Stretching Moore?s Law: Strain Engineering of 2D Valleytronic Materials from First Principles

Nima Leclerc, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Cornell University

Co-authors: Jefferey Neaton, Jonah Haber,

42. Soft X-ray nonlinear optical studies of thin carbon films

Christopher Hull, University of California Berkeley

Co-authors: Richard Saykally, Sumana Raj,

43. Computational Electrochemistry of Nano-structured Transition-Metal Oxide Catalysts

Michal Bajdich, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

44. Exploration of the Interfaces in Lithium-Sulfur Battery

Yierpan Aierken, Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Meiling Sun, Ankit Agrawal, David Prendergast, Brett Helms, Ethan Crumlin,

45. Application and Development of X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) Simulation

Han Wang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: David Prendergast, Yufeng Liang,

46. Integrated experiment-theory approach to elucidate complex surface and interfacial chemistry in hydrogen storage materials

Brooke Wan, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)

Co-authors: David Prendergast, Brandon Wood, Farid El-Gabaly, Jinghua Guo, Jeffrey Urban,


47. Lateral conversion synthesis of 2D transition metal dichalcogenide structures

Aldiyar Kuntubek, Nazarbayev University

Co-authors: Aidar Kemelbay, Tevye Kuykendall,

48. Ultrathin Pinhole-Free Molecular Wire-Embedded SiO2 Membrane towards Terawatt-Scale Artificial Photosynthesis

Won Jun Jo, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Heinz Frei, Georgios Katsoukis,

49. A Novel High-Refractive Index Episulfide-Thiol Polymer for Nanoimprinting Optical Elements

Yunhui Tang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Stefano Cabrini, Carlos Pina-Hernandez,

50. microscopic NIR metamaterial identification and sensor tags implications for the IoT

Robert Meagley, nR, LLC

51. Growth and reinforcement of carbon nanotube forests for advanced composite materials

Sei Jin Park, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)

52. Development of ultrathin oxides membranes as electron transparent windows for atomic-scale imaging

Carlos Morales, Autonomous University of Madrid

Co-authors: Yi-Hsien Lu, Virginia Altoe, Miquel Salmeron, Leonardo Soriano, Adam Schwartzberg,

53. Surface Functionalized Nanoneedle Arrays for Gene Modification of Cells

Mark Webb, Mekonos, Inc.

Co-authors: Anil Narasimha, Charles Nguyen, Carolyn Bertozzi, Luc Bousse, Steven Banerjee,

54. Spontaneous Formation of Helical Liquid Crystal Nanofilaments in Achiral Host

Yu Cao, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Xi'an Jiaotong University (China)

Co-authors: Chenhui Zhu, Feng Liu,

55. Development of a Standardized Platform for Atomically Precision Device Fabrication

Joseph Lake, Zyvex Labs

Co-authors: Scott Dhuey, John Randall, James Owen,

56. Stimuli Responsive Nanofluidic Platforms: From Protective Fabrics to Artificial Neurons

Steven Buchsbaum, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)

57. Fluorocarbon-based Atomic Layer Etching of Silicon Dioxide in Conventional Plasma Tools

Stefano Dallorto, Technische Universitat Ilmenau (TU Ilmenau, Technical University of Ilmenau) (Germany)

Co-authors: Andy Goodyear,

58. Carbon nanotube synthesis by feeding carbon and Fe precursor simultaneously

T-C Shen, Utah State University

59. Optoelectronic neural probes with passive light switching optical circuits: light control in deep brain tissue

Vittorino Lanzio, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

60. Industrial Nanomanufacturing via Holographic Lithography

Joseph Geddes, PhotiaTech

Co-authors: James Sweeney

61. Steering Photons Emitted by Bright Perovskite Nanocrystals

Min-Ji Hong, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

National Center for Electron Microscopy

62. Single Pore Nitrogen Containing Graphitic Materials for Energy Storage and Gas Separation

Valerie Kuehl, University of Wyoming

Co-authors: Bruce Parkinson, John Hoberg,

63. Minimizing beam damage with antioxidants to enable high resolution imaging of conjugated polymers in the electron microscope

Brooke Kuei, Pennsylvania State University

Co-authors: Enrique Gomez,

64. Characterization of Bay-annulated Isoindigo Charge Transport Networks in Organic Photovoltaic Bulkheterojunction Thin Films

Michael Roders, University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC)

Co-authors: Michael Roders, Alexander Ayzner, Yi Liu Molecular Foundry, Matthew Kolaczkowski,

65. Dynamics of nanoscale bubbles in confined environments

Sardar Alam, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Jiwoong Yang, Emory Chan, Haimei Zheng, Peter Ercius,

66. Combining TEM and soft x-ray tomography to determine the 3D nanostructure of calcium (alumino)silicate hydrate

Panod Viseshchitra, University of California Berkeley

67. Speciation of Iron and Carbon in Los Angeles Area Air Particulate Matter Using Complementary STEM/EELS and STXM Studies

Matthew Robinson, University of California Merced (UCM)

Co-authors: Ajith Pattammattel, Matthew Robinson, Valerie Leppert, Henry Forman, Peggy O'day, Hongqiao Zhang,

68. Interface engineering for light-driven water oxidation: Unraveling the passivating and catalytic mechanism in overlayers on BiVO4 light absorber

Guiji Liu, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Johanna Eichhorn, Chang-Ming Jiang, Francesca Toma, Joel Haber, Mary Scott,

69. Doping and Annealing Effects on a Semiconducting Polymer via 4D-STEM

Luke Balhorn, Stanford University

Co-authors: Christopher J. Takacs, Karen C. Bustillo, Ouiliana Panova, Alberto Salleo

70. Tilted fluctuation electron microscopy characterization of magnetically anisotropic amorphous TbCo

Ellis Kennedy, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Imaging and Manipulation of Nanostructures

71. Co and CoMn alloys for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis and CO2 reduction.

Judit Oliver Meseguer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

72. AFM + Nanoscale Vis-IR Spectroscopy via Photo-induced Force Microscopy

Sung Park, Molecular Vista, Inc.

Co-authors: Tom Albrecht, Derek Nowak,

73. Demonstration of structural phase transition in monolayer MoTe2 driven by electrostatic doping

Ying Wang, University of California Berkeley

74. 57Fe Specific Nuclear Resonant Vibrational Spectroscopy on [FeFe] Hydrogenase and Malaria-Related Hemozoin Complexes: Studies of Extremely Weak Features

Hongxin Wang, University of California Davis (UCD)

Co-authors: Jong Seto, Yoshitaka Yoda, Nakul Mishra, Giorgio Caserta, Stephen Cramer, James Birrell,


Gang Ren, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Cornell University

76. Stiff Bacterial Assemblies through Covalent Crosslinking of Nanoparticles to Engineered Bacterial S-layer Protein

Dong Li, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Marimikel Charrier, Sneha Jani, Lisa Yun, Behzad Rad, Victor Mann,

77. Polymer-Metal Coating for high contrast SEM cross sections towards single-digit nanoscale imaging

Daniel Staaks, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Cornell University

78. Ion adsorption at graphene-aqueous electrolyte interfaces studied by Contact Potential and Near-field Infrared Spectroscopy

Yi-Hsien Lu, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Shanshan Yang, Hans Bechtel, Miquel Salmeron, Paul Ashby, Michael Martin,

79. Shear-induced electronic property modification of GaN characterized by XPS

Guosong Zeng, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Brandon Krick, Xiaofang Yang, Nelson Tansu, Francesca Toma, Bruce Koel,

81. Defects, Damage, and Dose Effects in Clays: Pushing the Practical Resolution Limit with Ultrafast TEM

Michael Whittaker, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Cornell University

Co-authors: Christian Kisielowski, Jillian Banfield, Benjamin Gilbert,

82. Understanding Heterogeneity in Nanoparticle Systems via Computer Vision

Catherine Groschner, University of California Berkeley

Co-authors: Mary Scott,

83. Three-Dimensional Maps of Helium Nanobubbles in a Palladium Alloy

Noelle Catarineu, Sandia National Laboratories

Co-authors: Norman Bartelt, Warren York, David Robinson, Joshua Sugar, E. Lynn Bouknight, Suzy Vitale,

83. Investigating dynamical nanoscale processes using cathodoluminescence microscopy

Rebecca Wai, University of California Berkeley

Co-authors: Namrata Ramesh, Connor Bischak, Naomi Ginsberg, Shaul Aloni, Frank Ogletree, Zhe Wang,

85. Understanding the surface properties of hybrid perovskites

Yu Li, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Qin Hu, Feng Liu, Thomas Russell,

86. Soft x-ray interferometry of nano-materials at ALS

Nicolas Burdet, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Andreas Scholl,

87. Exploring optoelectronic properties of point defects in monolayer WS2 with atomic resolution

Katherine Cochrane, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Co-authors: Bruno Schuler, SIvan Refaely-Abramson, Alex Weber-Bargioni, Jeffery Neaton, Christoph Kastl,

87. Coulomb engineering of the bandgap and excitons in 2D materials & Enhancement of exciton-phonon scattering from 1L to 2L WS2

Archana Raja, University of California Berkeley

89. Revealing the HE4 Structure by optimized Electron Microscopy

Fengbiao Guo, Mercer University

Co-authors: Jiangfang Liu, Jennifer Li, Gary Ren,

89. Light Soaking Metastability Effects in CIGS Solar Cells: Effect of Na and Buffer Layers

Curtis Walkons, University of Nevada Las Vegas

Co-authors: Shubhra Bansal, Theresa Friedlmeier, Edward Barnard, Kyoung Kweon, Vincenzo Lordi, Marco Nardone,

91. Innovative SPM probes for underwater nanoscience

Christina Newcomb, Scuba Probe Technologies

Co-authors: Hilary Brunner, Kumudini Pulaparthi, Sina Sedghi, Adam Schwartzberg, Paul Ashby, Dominik Ziegler,

92. Realistic Bulk Electrochemistry in Liquid TEM/XRM

Julio Rodriguez Manzo, Hummingbird Scientific

Co-authors: Khim Karki, Daan Hein Alsem, Tyler Mefford, William C. Chueh